To make event planning as easy as possible, please note the following details:

GROUP SIZE Owen can handle any size group from ten to a thousand.

LENGTH OF PRESENTATIONS Please note the recommended presentation times listed at the end of each description; shorter durations are adequate to present the basic information, while longer times allow for more interaction with the audience. We do not recommend times shorter than the minimums shown.

SPEAKING FEES Each speaking event is unique. Please contact us to discuss fees. Fees are charged for all engagements outside of the local Corvallis/Albany, Oregon area.

REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES In addition to speaking fees, you will need to budget for reimbursable expenses, which typically include transportation (airfare/car rental or auto mileage), one to two night’s lodging (unless Owen flies in and out on the same day), meals, promotion, and any printing or other costs for handouts and other supplies. Coach air travel is acceptable. Please book a 3-star or better hotel room.

FUNDING OPTIONS If funding is a problem, consider getting a sponsorship from a local individual, organization, government entity, or company. The sponsor would pay for all or part of the cost, and would receive exposure and valuable publicity in return. Corporate support is another option, with the proviso that the sponsor be appropriately committed to sustainable practices and products. Charging admission is another way to cover the cost of the event; admission fees for single lectures can range from $5 to $50 per person. Book sales can also help bring in funds; please discuss this option with us as we can offer suggestions. There are grants available for sustainable education programs; have your development department look into this. The event can also be combined with other activities that bring in funds. And of course, a combination of all these approaches can add up to a significant contribution.

Keep in mind too that Owen draws a good crowd, which can improve cash flow for your overall event. We are happy to work with you on funding; just give us a call.


TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Please contact us to discuss flight arrangements, hotel, etc. We are happy to be of help to the extent possible, but it is often more efficient for you to take responsibility for these arrangements because of your familiarity with local resources.

AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT You will need to provide a good-quality digital projector and a screen. We will provide a laptop computer; please be sure your projector is compatible with the Mac platform. We can also send presentations for advance loading and testing on your Apple laptop. We will bring all presentations on a flash drive as backup. If you are not equipped with a digital projector, we can provide one for rent at the rate of $100 per day (local area only). Public address system requirements depend on the size of the room, and are provided by you or the facility.

FACILITIES Please plan on providing adequate indoor classroom or auditorium space, and please be sure the room gets dark enough for the projector to work properly (Owen’s presentations are highly visual and dependent on good quality projection). For field classes and special tours, contact us about selecting venues, planning for transportation and meals, and other arrangements.

INSURANCE Please provide full liability and other insurance coverage for the event.

PROMOTION AND EVENT ADMINISTRATION Unless other arrangements are made in advance, you are responsible for all promotion of the event and for all details of facilities, advertising, registration, collecting fees from attendees, and other arrangements on your end.

HANDOUTS We will email handouts to you in advance of the event. Printing will usually be done by you and at your expense. Electronic handouts save paper.

BILLING A deposit may be required. Speaking fees are payable on the day of the talk. Reimbursement for expenses is due within 30 days of the event; we will invoice you for expenses and provide receipts for all expense items. Please let us know in advance of the event if you need to make other arrangements for payment. All payments must be in U.S. dollars.

CUSTOMIZED PRESENTATIONS At no extra charge we will be happy to spend some time in advance helping you plan your program, coordinating the content of Owen’s talks with those of other presenters, and customizing handouts for your audience and for local conditions. Fully customized programs are also available; please contact us to discuss costs. Most offerings can be slanted towards professional or lay audiences.

BOOK SALES We often bring a stock of Owen’s books to sell. Having books available will increase attendance and make valuable resources available to participants. Owen or one of our staff will handle sales. We may ship books to the facility in advance of the event; we appreciate your cooperation in taking delivery and storing the books until the event. If you are working with a bookseller for the event they are, of course, welcome to stock the book. If you prefer that we not compete with them, we will be happy to cooperate. If desired, Owen will be pleased to do a book signing as part of the program.

Owen Dell

ASSOCIATE PRESENTERS We have access to seasoned presenters on related subjects such as water harvesting, tree care, business management, and others. If you have needs beyond our own offerings, please contact us for information on booking other speakers.

REFERENCES AND SAMPLE PRESENTATIONS References are available on request. We would be happy to email you a review copy of any talk in PowerPoint or PDF format at no charge.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Owen is available by phone and email. Owen will be happy to speak with you about your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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