Owen Dell’s talks have been received with passionate enthusiasm by hundreds of professional and lay audiences all over the United States, Canada, and abroad. Owen alarms, informs, encourages, delights, entertains, and inspires, always with an eye on doing the right thing for the environment and meeting human needs as well. His talks send people away with a new outlook on gardening and landscape design and a vision of just how good and how important gardens and landscapes can be.


Owen has the unique ability to address difficult matters, such as the negative impacts of gardens, without being maudlin or a scold. His fun approach is solution-oriented, upbeat, and motivating, making complex or difficult subjects enjoyable, digestible, and perfectly clear. Owen is passionate about educating people on the value and importance of sustainable landscaping. He has made a difference in the lives of thousands of landscape professionals and home gardeners and would be pleased to do the same for your group.

Owen is constantly updating his presentations, so that participants always receive information on the very latest developments and issues. Owen’s talks are radical and cutting-edge every time!

Finally, Owen has a large following and he will be sure to draw a good audience for your event.

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