OD at drawing boardWhen I came up with the vision of the Sustainable Landscape Action Plan™ I knew I had really hit on something big. Imagine a simple process that would get every single landscape it is applied to running at top efficiency, often at very little cost to the property owner. Imagine a way to educate property owners about the potential of their property. Imagine freeing people from the terrible burden of keeping badly designed landscapes from constantly falling to pieces. Imagine everyone working together to create a world where the land is used to its maximum potential. Imagine beautiful, abundant gardens overflowing with fruits and vegetables, with restored native ecosystems, with beauty, and with safe places for children to play. Imagine having all this at a much lower cost and far less negative environmental impact than today’s landscapes demand? Imagine landscapes having a NET POSITIVE environmental impact. Think about how powerful that would be, how far it would go towards making a better world for all. You can be part of turning this dream into reality.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about making this all happen. I’ve spent my life working towards this goal. I’m ready to move forward, with you, to bring great things to life. As with so many aspects of the predicament we find ourselves in, the solution is right at hand. All the pieces of the puzzle are on the table, just waiting to be fitted together. It’s not hard to create a paradise on earth. We just have to do it.

Don’t forget: I do ALL SLAPs™ myself. You get my personal attention and the benefit of my years of experience as a gardener, landscape contractor, landscape architect, author, and educator to professionals and property owners.

Please let me know your thoughts. I’m available any time; send me an email at the Contact page. I’d love to hear from you.

Best regards,

Owen Dell, RLA, ASLA


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