SLAP works! Here are comments from some satisfied SLAP clients.


“I found the service and the report informative, educational, helpful and valuable. I particularly liked the recommendations that pertained to my specific situation. The SLAP™ saved me the trouble of reading a book or taking a class and trying to figure out what applies to me. The report added new information and new ideas to some of things that I already knew I should be doing. Most importantly, using the service and reading the report motivated me to take action to save money and to make our landscape more attractive and more sustainable. Definitely a good outcome. As a result we feel better both about our home and about ourselves.”

Hope Ranch, California Homeowner

“Our luxury apartment building, 7 Fountains, home for 20 families, has won over 4 architectural awards. We pride ourselves on high design and now, on the implementation of sustainable landscape practices with the SLAP™. Owen has shown us that we don’t have to compromise style in order to ‘go green’. The rich variety of sustainable plants fits the local geography and weather. We can conserve water and spend less on maintenance with beautiful, easy care plants and smarter practices that marry perfectly with the Spanish style courtyard.”

Boyd Willat, developer/owner, Los Angeles, CA

“I gladly recommend Owen Dell & Associates for taking a sensitive and sensible approach to developing a sustainable landscape plan for our high end apartments. They are working carefully with me and with our landscaping company, teaching us the proper methods of planting, watering and maintaining our landscaping. They have even developed a list of plants that will beautify our building and require less maintenance and water!! I am looking forward to the continuing results!”

Maria Bonacci, property manager, Moss and Company, West Hollywood, CA