Here’s how the process works:

1. INTAKE QUESTIONNAIRE: First, you fill out our simple online Intake Questionnaire. This will give us the information we need to understand your property and your needs. A representative will contact you once we receive the questionnaire in order to make an appointment for our visit to your property.

2. SITE INSPECTION: We thoroughly inspect your landscaping, review your maintenance and water costs, and identify problems and opportunities. We also do a complete safety inspection, plus we check the health of your plants, the condition of your hardscape, the operation of your irrigation system, and a lot more.

3. SEVEN-STEP ACTION REPORT: You receive a thorough, helpful report that you can use as a road map to make the changes that will put you on the path to a more sustainable, more beautiful, more affordable landscape. We include links to useful resources, information on getting your landscape rebates, BONUS how-to handouts not available anywhere else, an exclusive list of alternatives to troublesome plants, water management tips, and lots more. You also receive an autographed copy of Owen’s acclaimed book, “Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies®.” The book is keyed to the report so that you have instant access to more information for each action item in the report.

SLAP Report Grab

Here’s a portion of a typical report

4. FOLLOW-UP: You also receive up to 30 minutes of HOTLINE consultation by telephone PLUS 90 days of UNLIMITED email consultation on anything related to the SLAP™. We want to be sure you achieve the success we know is waiting for you. And you get a $50 discount on future design services.

We also offer this popular upgrade:

COMPLETE CARE VALUE PACKAGE: In addition to all the above, we schedule up to 6 followup on-site visits to be sure your program is on track and you’re getting the savings you expect. And the email consultation is available for one year. At the end of the year, if you have followed the steps, you receive an exclusive Sustainable Landscape Certificate.


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