The Sustainable Landscape Action Plan™ is a unique service offered only by Owen Dell and Associates, LLC. If you’ve ever had a home energy audit or any similar service, you’ll understand the basic idea of the Sustainable Landscape Action Plan™. It’s an audit for the outdoor portions of your property, but we thought that the word “audit” was a little bit unpleasant, so we gave it a less ominous-sounding name.


Simply put, we give your property a thorough inspection, looking for inefficiencies that can be turned into money-saving efficiencies. We’ll provide you with a detailed strategy for making changes in management and in the physical landscape itself that will save you money and improve the environmental footprint of your property. For instance, if we find that you’re overwatering, we’ll develop a revised watering schedule for you. If we see that you’re putting too much time into weed control or using toxic herbicides, we’ll show you how to cut out most of that work and all those nasty chemicals. We will show you how to kick the pruning habit, how to have a toxic-free organic landscape, how to reduce your dependence on costly, polluting power tools, how to have a quiet, peaceful, safe property, and a lot more.


It’s amazing how many ways there are to improve the performance of most landscapes and get costs down. We’re experts at it, and we can help you. You’ll also receive a free copy of Owen Dell’s acclaimed book, “Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies®.” It will be your handbook for detailed information on how to accomplish the changes we recommend. In fact, the information in our Sustainable Landscape Action Plan™ is keyed to specific sections of the book, so that you can go straight to the facts you need.

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