New Product Highlight: Planting Holes

As any gardener is well aware, one of the most labor-intensive and difficult jobs in landscaping is digging holes. Now, after years of research and testing at the legendary Etaoin Shrdlu Sustainable Landscaping Institute in southern Israel, a revolutionary new product is available that will forever eliminate the need to dig in hard, heavy soils.

Today, Institute scientists have introduced the first-of-its-kind “Nova Lacuna Prefabricated Planting Hole™.” Originally developed for agriculture, the Nova Lacuna is just as useful for professional landscapers and home gardeners. By using these special holes, it’s possible to save time, labor, and money. Installation is simple, and the holes are durable, lightweight, and made from fair trade recycled (and recyclable) material derived from pruning waste generated in the vast organic Açai-berry plantations of Kenya. The Nova Lacuna is presently available in 3 sizes: 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 15 gallon. More sizes, along with prefab trenches, ditches, and swales, will be on the market soon, bringing the installation of eco-friendly rain gardens and bioswales within reach even for gardeners with physical or financial limitations. Nova Lacuna products are sturdily constructed to last a lifetime. Tapered sides allow stacking for compact shipping and easy storage. In addition to use in planting operations, Nova Lacuna products may also be used as postholes, holes for footings, holes to bury dog droppings, and other applications.

I think this is a truly great milestone in sustainable landscaping. Imagine no more laborious digging or wasteful piles of leftover soil. I recommend that readers keep a stock of Nova Lacuna products at hand, especially during spring and fall planting seasons.

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12 thoughts on “New Product Highlight: Planting Holes

  1. I know there’s a good anagram in Etaoin Shredlu- please do tell! Happy 4/1 to you too, my friend! Hope all is well.

    1. They’re working on black holes; they’ll probably only be available to licensed professionals, though. The 2D holes are the easiest to install.

  2. Leave it to those Jews – first drip irrigation and now prefab holes. Do they come with a life time water included. Reminds me of Dunkin doughnuts revolutionary discovery that they could market and sell doughnut holes.

  3. I’ve been away for three weeks, and have just read it. I immediately went back to see when you posted it, and saw it was on April 1st. Well done, very amusing and clever.

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