Nobody knows more about creating truly sustainable landscape systems than Owen Dell and Associates, LLC. Serving Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, we provide a wide range of services for residential, commercial, and public clients.

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In addition to considerable cost savings, an efficient, sustainable landscape offers a safer environment that is free of pesticides and toxins, a quiet property without the constant noise of power maintenance equipment, abundant production of sustainable food and other useful resources, much less maintenance labor, and a more beautiful outdoor environment for the enjoyment of all occupants and users.

A sustainable landscape is based on living systems rather than industrial ones, which means that it is constructed with fewer and often less costly materials and is therefore usually less expensive to build than a conventional, hardscape-intensive project.  Few people realize that maintenance can account for 80 percent or more of the total cost of a landscape over a 20-year design life. Click here to see the numbers. During its service life, maintenance costs for a sustainable landscape can be as little as one fifth that of a conventional landscape, requiring one third less labor, eighty percent less water, and one hundred percent fewer toxic chemicals. And finally, a sustainable landscape is more durable, which means it will last far longer and therefore cost much less over time.

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