Have you ever dreamed of starting your own home-based landscaping business? Have you ever been hesitant to put your plans into action? This comprehensive book contains all the necessary tools and success strategies you will need to launch and grow your business.

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This authoritative handbook will tell you how to:

  • Start your landscaping business now with a minimum investment.
  • Decide if you would make a good landscaper.
  • Run a successful landscaping business from your home.
  • Write your own business plan.
  • Define your specialty and attract clients.
  • Work effectively with subcontractors.
  • Deal with taxes, zoning, and insurance.
  • Manage your cash flow.
  • Balance work life with home life.
  • Screen and hire employees . . . and more

Author Owen Dell, a successful home-based landscape contractor and architect, shares his experience and down-to-earth advice on every aspect of setting up and running a thriving home-based landscaping business. He will show you how to purchase the right tools, estimate your start-up costs, price your services, and stay profitable once you’re in business. From painless record keeping to savvy marketing techniques, his step-by-step methods are realistic, innovative, and easy to understand.

Whether you want to earn your living maintaining lawns and gardens or creating beautiful landscapes for homes and businesses, with this guide at your side you may soon experience the satisfaction of building your own home-based business.

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“You have been a hero of mine ever since I read your book approximately 4 years ago. It has been my ambition to start a home-based landscaping business for longer than I can remember.  Currently I am employed as an engineer in the oilfield industry, but my wife and I are starting our landscape business on a part-time basis this year. Thank you for your book, I have read it through many times. I would love to be on your mailing list if it would be at all possible. Thanks again for the inspiration and guidance.”

Gary Randall

“I love your book and have already read it twice within a couple of weeks. I’m starting my own business in the San Diego area and will be focusing on maintenance until my husband receives his contractor’s license.”


“Hi Owen. I just wanted to say thanks for all the useful information from your ‘How to Start a Home-Based Landscaping Business’ book! Reading your book has given me a sound perspective on starting my own business.  Reading the book was not only very informative but enjoyable to read.  My intention is only to offer lawn maintenance for now but I look forward to some day diving into landscaping.  The first thing I took notice of was your honest love of what you do.  That means very much to me and will always be my driving force!  Keep it up! “

Shawn Pedersen, Seattle, WA

“I am about halfway through your landscape business book and am really enjoying it. Most business books I have tried to read contain so much superfluous information I am asleep after a few paragraphs. Yours has been the exception, so I thought I would let you know.”

Jim Knott, Nashville, TN

“I recently finished your book and I wanted to say thank you. I am starting a business this spring, and I really do feel I have an edge over anyone else that intends to get into the business. The book has helped me in countless ways and I feel as though I won’t go to a job without it (at least for a while). I am in the planning process right now, focusing on maintenance for at least the first few years. I have been working in the business on-and-off for six years and combined with reading your book, I feel I have a solid grasp on just about everything.”

James Thornton Jr., Thornton Landscaping, New York

“I could not believe that someone wrote a book on exactly what I needed to know. Your book is so informative. I’ve found myself returning to it over and over again.”

Peter L. Ottes, Peter’s Lawn Maintenance

“Just wanted to let you know how inspirational your book ‘How To Start A Home-Based Landscape Business’ has been to me. I have read both the third and fourth editions. I’m using your book as a teaching tool, for guidelines and as a mentor. I discovered my passion for landscaping about four years ago and now at the ripe old age of 42 I’m starting my fledgling business thanks to your help. I attended Santa Barbara City College’s environmental horticulture program a few years back but didn’t discover your book until I was back down in LA. It would have been a pleasure to meet you. I hope your work continues to inspire!”

Jamie Minas

“Almost done w/the book  ‘How to Start a Home-Based Landscaping Business.’ We are just a little ahead of where you were when you first, first started : ).  The book and your style of writing encouraged  and informed me. Thanks for your wit and for clearly stating the facts. All the best to you.

Janine of   Partners in Planting

I am delighted to find myself enjoying your book and have laughed out loud a few times! It’s funny AND practical. Nice!


“I purchased your 4th edition of ‘How to Start a Home Based Landscape Business’ about 4 months ago. I have read it numerous times since and have enjoyed and learned from your writing and knowledge. I am starting my own small design and build firm here in upstate New York this upcoming spring. After graduating from college with a degree in landscape development and construction from one of our state universities, I have worked for two local landscape companies for the past 12 years. I am truly looking forward to starting my business up.”

Ken Carr

“I cannot thank you enough for this book! I have the 1st edition of ‘How to Open and Operate a Home Based Landscaping Business’ (I initially borrowed the book from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and I had to own it). I read this book and carry it around on ALL of my jobs like a bible. This is my 2nd year in business, and I cannot tell you how much my business has grown from this knowledge. I am careful about what I do, how I return calls, business proposals and rushing to purchase expensive equipment I would rarely use! As a minority female in this business, I am often looked at closely by the competition and I always have conversations where I purchase tools, supplies and flowers (you are correct, they tell me what the competition is doing, and how many of them owe $$$$$) I will continue to check your website for upcoming speaking engagements in Pennsylvania in a effort to meet you. This book is a TELL ALL for the do-all garden maintenance owner. Thanks sooooooooooooo much! I really want to show my gratitude! You have taught me so much, I want to learn more as I grow.”

Rolonda Chung, President, In Full Bloom Landscape & Gardening

“You definitely make a difference. The tone of [your] book is so accessible. And the information was very precise. I will look for it [7th Edition] – I’m always in start-up mode!”

Julie Meyer

“Your book is an excellent read. Your insight into the professions of landscape maintenance, contracting and architecture obviously comes from the numerous years of practical application. I certainly appreciate and applaud your efforts, knowing just how much work it takes to run a business, let alone turn a profit and have some fun at the same time.”

Timothy F. Pruss, Landscape Architect

“This authoritative handbook is written by a knowledgeable person who opened a landscaping business. (He is a Southern Californian, too.) It covers every aspect of the business from buying tools through obtaining permits and keeping required records. I was particularly impressed with sample worksheets, bid forms, invoices, and statements. The book is readable and to the point. It is well indexed so you can find topics easily. If you have been thinking about using your love of plants and the outdoors in a landscape business, this is the book to read before you make a final decision.”

Review from California Garden Magazine

“Successful landscape architect, contractor, and award-winning garden designer Owen E. Dell has created a down-to-earth and informative guide to setting up and running your own landscaping business. Written in an engaging, readable style, How To Start A Home Based Landscaping Business details everything, from deciding to quit your day job and start your own business, to dealing with sub-contractors and knowing what supplies you’ll need to protect your knees and hands when planting trees and shrubs.”

Review from Landscape & Nursery Digest

“We applaud Dell’s no-nonsense attitude, since it could save a wanna-be professional landscaper a lot of grief a little way down the line…whether you decide that you love or hate Dell’s message, checking it out is well worth the money and time.”

Review from HortIdeas Magazine

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