Owen’s books have become classics. Full of great information you won’t find elsewhere, fun to read, and leading the way in sustainable landscaping. These may not be the only books you need but they’re definitely essential reading. You could buy these at one of those on-line booksellers or at a big chain, but that wouldn’t be very sustainable, would it? Besides, there’s only one place to get a genuine signed copy: right here. Check it out:

Sustainable Landscaping For Dummies®

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This practical, hands-on guide shows you how to design, create, and live with sustainable lawn and garden spaces. You’ll see how to eliminate the use of chemicals, reduce energy use, and conserve natural resources, all while you craft an attractive and functional outdoor environment that increases the value and improves the appearance of your home.

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Green Your Home All-In-One For Dummies®

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7 books in one. This value-packed guide gives you easy-to-follow, budget-friendly tips that will reduce your ecofootprint. From using greener cleaning tools and building materials to cutting your energy costs and working with your lawn, you’ll discover how to make your home cleaner, healthier, and more energy efficient.

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How to Start A Home-Based Landscaping Business


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This is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of a home-based landscaping business. In print since 1993 and now in its Seventh Edition, this classic has helped thousands of people start their own successful businesses.

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