We have been in business since 1971. Long experience has taught us that certain things matter. Here is what we believe is important in our relations with clients and with the human and natural communities. We do our best to live by this creed every day.


CARING FOR PEOPLE. We guard the interests of our clients and the community as closely as we guard our own.

CREATING BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES FROM AND FOR THE HEART. We create beauty and meaningful spaces for people to live in and enjoy; we create gardens and landscapes that are full of feeling and touch the hearts of those who live with and visit them.

IMPROVING THE COMMUNITY. We work to leave something of quality and timeless value for the client and for those who come after us.

RESPECTING AND PROTECTING NATURE. We care for the natural environment by working to preserve and restore wild places, by minimizing the negative impacts of our work and by continuously improving our understanding of our relationship with nature.

TEACHING AND LEARNING. We try to educate someone every day and to learn something every day. As we work with clients, we help them to understand what we are doing and why.

OPENING HEARTS. Through the unfolding of our work, we work to open the hearts of our clients as well as our own.

HAVING A GOOD TIME. We seek to help the client (and everyone) to have fun doing it all; to make the process as rewarding as the end product.

Thank you for choosing to do business with us. Please let us know if we fail to live up to our standards or yours.


“The purpose of life is to increase the warm heart. Think of other people. Serve other people sincerely. No cheating.”

the Dalai Lama